All Calm in Dreamland | Katy Rose Bennett


Katy Rose Bennett
End Of The Day
Katy Rose Bennett
Papati Pa Pajkiti
Katy Rose Bennett
Do You Or Don't You

All Calm in Dreamland

Katy Rose Bennett

Released Dec 2, 2002

Katy's debut album released under the name KTB.

Track List

  • 1Do you or don't you?
  • 2You will be mine
  • 3Eggsentric café
  • 4Green Man
  • 5Elephants & Honey
  • 6All Calm In Dreamland
  • 7Grandmother wouldn't approve
  • 8Papati pa pajkiti
  • 9Stop or go slow man
  • 10Little Boy
  • 11End of the day


  • All songs copyright Katy Bennett, 2002
  • Recorded and mixed by J. Bennett at Truck Studios
  • Katy Bennett - voice, acoustc guitar, 'cello
  • Joe Bennett - bass, voice, violin
  • G Roby - drums and percussion
  • Garo Nahoulakian - electric guitar and percussion
  • Heulwen & Siriol Davies - vocals
  • Tom Bartlett - double bass
  • Will Bartlett - Rhodes piano
  • Mastered by Tim Turan
  • Photograhy by Ceri Ashcroft
  • Illustration by James Weiner
  • Design by PC Rae
"Gentle acoustics from the Nick Drake school… literate songs which ride youth’s emotional rollercoaster… Delicious"
"Downright strange though oddly compelling… a distinctly nagging memorability… obscure and pleasingly idiosyncratic little offering."
– Net Rhythms

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