Dancing, Strings, Singing And All That Jazz!

Over the last few weeks, I've been sharing some of the process around the writing, recording and creative responses to 'Where Does It Hurt?'. I've shared what inspired me to write the song here.
I've shared the conversation I had with the extraordinary civil rights activist Ruby Sales (who inspired the song).

Today, I'd like to share a conversation I had a few weeks ago with my dear friend and fellow folk musician Ruthie Lindsay who arranged the string quartet and performed the violin parts for the recording of the song.
Here is the gorgeous OFFICIAL VIDEO for the song featuring Ruthie's string arrangement, performed exquisitely by Ruthie, Helen Bell and Helena Rosewell. The video also features dancers Sara Macqueen & Chris Radford doing their magic too!
'Where Does It Hurt?' OFFICIAL VIDEO
'Where Does It Hurt?' OFFICIAL VIDEO
Here's the chat I had with Sara and Chris about the collaborative process of creating the video (via Zoom early one saturday morning when I'd only just got up!)
I made a sketchy acappella vocal arrangement of the song too...
I also commissioned composer and sound designer Jim Cornick to create a gorgeous ambient electronica remix of the song which you can find over here.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in the inspiration and creation of this song - Ruby, Brené, Ruthie, Helen, Helena, Jim, Tony, Sara & Chris.

That'll do for now! Katy x


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