Cold November Day

Hi folks,
Last Friday saw the release of my song 'Cold November Day', the 3rd single from new album 'Where Does It Hurt?'.
It's a really special song for me.

It is a song about how we each make sense of the grief we feel for the people we’ve loved and lost in our own unique ways and how we can still feel their presence in the world though they’re physically no longer here: in nature, in words and in the actions and traditions we follow in their memory.

You’re still here in the air around us

The mist, the rain, the snow

Still here in the earth beneath us

The lettuces we grow

Still here in the words we say and the love we hide away

‘til we meet again some cold, November day.

I wrote Cold November Day on 11th November 2011 and it’s one of a number of songs I wrote about my grandmother (Granny Pat). She died after having a stroke early one April morning in 2008. That morning, when I woke up, there was unseasonal snow fall and, at the time, I was sure the snow was her way of saying ‘I’m still here’. The song originally featured on my album 'Songs of the River Rea', produced by my brother Joe Bennett and released in 2016.

You can find the song on Spotify and all the usual places:

I created a home-made video for the song using my own videos and also photos lent by various lovely Brummy folk [Photo credits for images above L-R: Pete Davies; Robin Beatty; Graham Lennard ].

'Cold November Day' OFFICIAL VIDEO
'Cold November Day' OFFICIAL VIDEO

Back in October 2020 (before the most recent lockdown) I managed to get to Manchester to film a short live set with the wonderful Ruthie Lindsay and Phill Ward at The Wood Rooms Studio. I filmed three songs, including 'Cold November Day' which came out really rather lovely:

If any of you would like to buy any cds or downloads for Christmas from this independent folk musician, head over to here where all 5 of my previous albums are available: Shop

Any purchases greatly appreciated in this strange old time we're living through.

Go well!




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