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Wood Festival 2015

If, like me,  you have spent the last two days despairing at the results of the general election, it may help to remember that there are some people in this world who do think like you do. 

You’re likely to find a fair few of them next weekend (15-17th May 2015) at the Wood Festival in deepest Oxfordshire. 3 nights and 2 days of folkish music, workshops and communing with nature with a thousand other people. 

I’ve been involved every year except 2014 and I am delighted to be returning. It has always provided me with a warm feeling of community and joint endeavour where everyone is involved in making or playing or doing, not just a passive audience member. I’ll be leading singing workshops on Saturday evening (lullabies) and Sunday morning (world harmony) and performing a solo set Sunday afternoon, previewing songs from my forthcoming album. (I’ve been saying ‘forthcoming’ for 5 years but I promise you that it is on it’s way – it may be taking the B roads but it will get here soon!)

For more info on other acts performing (Including Tunng) and on the vast array of workshops (hula-hooping to samba to felt-making) and how to buy tickets etc, go to www.woodfestival.com

Hope to see you there!

Peace out.

Katy Rose x


Wood Festival – keep the fire burning

It’s been a week and a half since the utopian bubble that is the Wood Festival. On the way home back to Birmingham by train on the Sunday night, I could still feel the warm glow of belonging to the (albeit temporary) Wood community: people brought together by love of music, of the earth, of creativity, of shared experience. Then I reached the cold, sterile surroundings of the ‘new’ New Street station and gradually that feeling was replaced by the need to get home without any of my belongings going missing.

This was one of my musical highlights of the weekend – the wonderful Wood Brothers, headlining on the Saturday night:

I’m always a little disappointed that the real world isn’t the same as the Wood world. That people don’t say hello as you walk past. That people don’t burst in to spontaneous song round campfires. That people don’t let their kids run around in fields barefoot, chasing bubbles with wooden swords.

And it got me thinking that, maybe, a little bit of that Wood spirit can continue through our lives in the months between Woods and we can refuel it each year when we return. And, maybe, that’s the point.

So, wherever you are, say ‘Hello’ to the people that walk down your road.

Find a green space that you can lie or dance or sing in. (This is mine).

Learn how to make felt flowers.

And give yourself a day every so often with your phone switched off.

Keep the Wood fire burning until the next time.