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New Album ‘Songs of the River Rea’ nearly finished

Hi folks,

I’m excited to reveal that the new album, entitled Songs of the River Rea, is  nearly ready. The album will feature 11 original songs including ‘Driving Home‘ and ‘Cold November Day‘ (see below for Youtube clips). Thanks Gordon Dipple for filming!

I’ve been recording the new album with my brother Joe Bennett (of The Dreaming Spires and Co-Pilgrim) at Truck Studios on occasional weekends over the last 18 months.

Once finished, we hope to release the album in Spring 2016 and will be having a little UK tour to promote the release. If you’ve got any ideas of venues or festivals I could play (either solo, duo or with a band), drop me a line (email: katyrosebennett @ gmail.com or twitter @ktbennett ) or if you’d like me to come and play a house concert, let me know!

I know it’s been a long time coming but it’s very nearly there – Thank you for your patience!

Over and out.

Katy Rose x



Songs from the window sill #2: Cold November Day

I had knee surgery 7 weeks ago which has meant that I’ve (a) had a bit of time of my hands and (b) not been able to get out much. One good thing from this situation has been that I’ve had time to record a few demos for the new record (due out late 2013). I’m hoping that this new album will have a more americana, motown, country, secular gospel feel to it than previous recording but that remains to be seen/heard.

So, while I get it together, here’s a second taste of the new album in video form: imagine, if you will, 3-part harmonies, slide guitar, double bass, glockenspiel, cajon and shaky eggs… [for lyrics, see here]. Thanks for listening.

Songs from the window sill #2: Cold November Day : March 2013