In April 2016, I will be releasing my new album Songs of the River Rea on limited edition cd and download. Details to follow shortly.

You can also buy albums by KTB (what i used to call myself) below…

If you want a CD of either Indelible Ink or Bluebird, drop me an email (katyrosebennett (at) and I’ll send you them for £5 each + P&P. Or, you can download the albums from the links below and through itunes:

Indelible Ink – KTB (2009):

KTB: Indelible Inknmn

Indelible Ink - KTB

Bluebird – KTB (2005)

KTB: Bluebird

Bluebird - KTB

All Calm In Dreamland – KTB (2001)

You can listen to All Calm In Dreamland here on lastfm and buy it here from Amazon.


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