Author: Katy Rose Bennett

Songs from the window sill #2: Cold November Day

I had knee surgery 7 weeks ago which has meant that I’ve (a) had a bit of time of my hands and (b) not been able to get out much. One good thing from this situation has been that I’ve had time to record a few demos for the new record (due out late 2013). I’m hoping that this new album will have a more americana, motown, country, secular gospel feel to it than previous recording but that remains to be seen/heard.

So, while I get it together, here’s a second taste of the new album in video form: imagine, if you will, 3-part harmonies, slide guitar, double bass, glockenspiel, cajon and shaky eggs… [for lyrics, see here]. Thanks for listening.

Songs from the window sill #2: Cold November Day : March 2013