News, July 2016

Well, it’s been a busy month or two here in the land of the River Rea…Here are a few musings…


Back in June, I did a lovely little live session for John Bowlt’s Cotswold Country show on North Cotswold Community Radio . My drive from Birmingham to the studio was a little hair-raising as my sat-nav sent me to the wrong place (yada yada…) and I arrived only in the nick of time having reversed my car in to a ditch en route!

I’ve been getting a few radio plays on the lovely Baylen Leonard’s The Front Porch show on Amazing Radio and One Day  was featured on the Amazing Tunes #TunesWeLove playlist back in May.

That nice young man, Mr Robb Powell featured a couple of tracks from the album on his Band of Badgers Presents podcast too!

Brum Radio featured One Day on their ‘A list’ playlist back in June and tomorrow, August 1st sees the release of Fatea Magazine’s Autumn 2016 Showcase Session (a free, downloadable playlist) which features Fried Green Tomatoes from the new album. Lots of fabulous new music on there too so go and check it out!

I’ve had  few plays on various other UK shows too – thank you Ange Hardy and her Folk Radio Diary for lots of ideas – it’s a really helpful resource for independent/unsigned musicians.


Since the last blog post, there have been some more great album reviews coming in:

This week, americana UK described it as

“Part folk, part Americana, part pop, part jazz, all gorgeous”

(which was very nice) and David Kidman wrote a very fine review for Fatea Magazine here, as did the lovely folk of Shire Folk – which is an actual paper thing! – you can read that here.

Gigs & Festivals:

Yesterday, I played at the Big Family Festival just down the road from me near Kingsbury. It was interesting. There was some great food and a friendly vibe, but not much ‘live’ music – most acts were singing or dancing to backing tracks. Not quite my cup of tea. An experience, nonetheless. However, I did get a splendid group of 25 people for an acappella singing workshop making sweet, ragged vocal harmony!

Last weekend, I played a solo gig Kitchen Koncert down in Seaton (Devon) in the (large) Kitchen of Peter & Hilary. It was delightful! I would love to more of this kind of gig – totally acoustic – so drop me a line if you’d like me to come and play a gig in your living room or kitchen or garden!

Two weeks ago, I had a blast playing with a full band on the Saloon Stage at Truck Festival, Oxfordshire.

The week before that, I played at the exclusive MiddyFest in Hay-on-Wye so all in all, that’s a tour by my standards!

I  think I need a lie-down after all that.

I’m currently booking gigs for October/November 2016, February/March 2017 and Spring/Summer Festival season 2017 so get in touch if you’d like me to come and play or run harmony singing workshops at a festival or venue.

Love your neighbour.


Katy Rose x




One thought on “News, July 2016

  1. My brother in law gave me Songs of the River Rea as a birthday present (he is good like that and gives me random music for birthday and christmas) and I have been listening to it on loop, love
    Keep up the great work.


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